Thursday, March 19, 2009

Final Evaluation

Now that we were finished with the project, we are ready to present it. I think we worked well as a team but at times we could get distracted and had to make up for the time lost at home or at breaks, but the rest was fairly straight forward. We made a big comic strip all together and had a bit of spare time so we decided to do two other short ones. Something we did well was that each of us worked as a group and gave feedback and comments on what we should do. I think we could have improved on the storyline which we had to shorten up due to the time for the project and also out more details and better effort. We finished on the expected time which was about one lesson before the day due of the project. One of the difficulties was finding a software that would let us do parts of the comic and then put it all on one book and also that would be able to embed it on our blogspot. We experimented with different software and agreed to use toondo which met all of our needs. I think it might have a bigger impact for the primary school but could also be used by the senior school counselors.

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