Thursday, March 19, 2009

Final Evaluation

Now that we were finished with the project, we are ready to present it. I think we worked well as a team but at times we could get distracted and had to make up for the time lost at home or at breaks, but the rest was fairly straight forward. We made a big comic strip all together and had a bit of spare time so we decided to do two other short ones. Something we did well was that each of us worked as a group and gave feedback and comments on what we should do. I think we could have improved on the storyline which we had to shorten up due to the time for the project and also out more details and better effort. We finished on the expected time which was about one lesson before the day due of the project. One of the difficulties was finding a software that would let us do parts of the comic and then put it all on one book and also that would be able to embed it on our blogspot. We experimented with different software and agreed to use toondo which met all of our needs. I think it might have a bigger impact for the primary school but could also be used by the senior school counselors.

Our project

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Comics About Bullying

Planing: We will make a comic strip about bullying we found this software called Toondoo. It helps us make the comic strips. The software has many features that can help us to develop our storyline.

Story line:

We start off with an innocent boy named Derrick, he was playing basketball. Out of no where a bully comes along. He starts teasing him about his size. Derrick tried to fight back but another guy in the bully crew and threatens derrick to beat hi up.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Judging Anti-bullying websites.

This website was targeted for children, because it has a lot of games, pictures and uses simple language that is easy to understand. It is also made in a happy mood with a lot of colors and stuff.

Blog on BullyinG
This website is made for people ranging from kids to teenagers. It doesn't have any games or videos, but a lot of cartoons. The language used is still easy to understand, but has more meaning put into it.

This website has a lot of features. It has four modes. For Cool stuff, for adults, what bullying is and what you can do. The language follows the same patters as the one before.

This website is made to be for reaserch only. It has a couple of pictures, but there wasn't a lot of design put in.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Investigation on Anti-bullying Campaign

Bullying has many characters.

  • Bully
  • Target
  • Witnesses
  • Innocent
And each one of them has a roll to play. Bullying can be done in many ways and in many places. It usually happens in schools and is done to make someone feel bad or ashamed. Bullying can range from teasing to physical violence. There are a lot of solutions to this, the easiest one is to tell an adult and they will give you advise on what to do. Fighting back doesn't work well, because you could get hurt or in trouble.