Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Client Meeting

  1. Your design and layout of our web pages-does it fit you drawing/plan.
  2. Your topic and research. What have you done in class?
  3. Color,font and the use of multimedia.
  4. Does it have five pages?
  5. The features of Apple iWeb. What is working. What is not working in the web application
  6. Do you have an Emergency Plan? Do you have a reference page?
  7. You must take screenshots of your.... iWeb, Delicious bookmarks and Google Docs.


  1. My design fits the plan, but I wasn't expecting to make so many pages. Right now I have 5 pages and I still need to make the multimedia page ( videos, movies etc.) and the reference page.
  2. I have researched about hurricanes and their effect on humans and nature.
  3. I like the white font I am using, but I would like to use a font that has rain inside.
  4. It already has five pages, but i still need the evacuation plan, multimedia and reference page.
  5. It's the first time I use iWeb, so I'm just using the simple stuff, so far everything has been working.
  6. No, I haven't got that far yet.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Judging websites

Some of the websites I have looked at are very good, they have a lot of tabs that can take you from one subject to another. For example the national geographic site is very well put together. It's organized, the words are easy to understand and has a lot of features so that you don't get bored by just reading the text. I also think that this website is very useful and could be enjoyed by people of all ages. Some of the websites were very busy and you would get bored by just looking at it because it looks dead.