Saturday, November 29, 2008

7B I.T imformaition

We can keep an electronic journal (on blogger,myspace,facebook etc.) with the latest information about a way we can help people be aware of the consequences of natural disasters and chaos situations

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Evaluation on robotics project

My refection:

This term in our robotics unit, we started reaserching about robots. All the usefull information we got was posted on our wikispace.
  • What is a robot
  • Robot rules
  • Robots in the Movies
  • How they affect us
  • What they are made of
  • What impact do they have on us

All this time we have been following the MYP design cycle, which at the end lead us to the Evaluation stage. To make our robots, we used a lego product which is called Mindstorms (hardware). At the stage when we were finished building it, we used Robolab to proggram it.

At the proggraming stage, we had some difficulties with the tower and the software. First of all, in my opinion I think that it's a bit hard to understand what the proggram is saying to you. This is because there is no wiriting at, just symbols. The other thing is that this software is about ten years old and it sometimes starts to act funny. Due to this complications, we weren't able to to proggram our robot. On the other hand, it was the first time for almost everyone in the class to build a robot.

I myself have one of these mindstorms nxt kit, (a newer version) and it is by far easier and more sofisticated that the ones we used, but it's still great fun building then.